Seminar: Digitalisation in Performing Arts
Thursday, August 31, 4–6 pm
at the Theatre Museum (Cable Factory, Kaapeliaukio 3, entrance G)
Available online

The seminar is open to everyone interested and doesn’t require registration to Performing HEL. Due to the limited capacity on site, signing up for the seminar is required – sign up HERE!

The seminar will be live-streamed for remote participants.

Performing HEL 2023 starts with a topical seminar on digitisation as a form of presentation, recording and dissemination of performing arts

In the three case studies and in the joint discussion, we will figure out e.g. what kind of contents do performances that use digitality in various ways offer festivals and what does digitality require from the company? How can the international distribution of performances benefit from digital platforms and tools? What kind of expertise and investment does digitalization require from the company? What are the pros and cons of digitization and what kind of revenue logic is involved? How can digitality expand the audiences of performing arts?


Espoo City Theatre and Team EVE joined forces last season to deliver a VR spectacle called Love Simulation EVE – a unique and immersive ludonarrative adventure. Matilda von Weissenberg, Director of Finance and Administration, Espoo City Theatre and Team EVE will share experiences of programming a large VR production and how to send it on tour.

Iiris Autio, Managing Director, Tero Saarinen Company. Tero Saarinen Company’s creations have been featured worldwide e.g. on Mezzo TV. Iiris Autio will share the company’s experiences in translating a live performance into a screen.

Wilhelmina Sederholm from VR-theatre-company, Second Theatre, will introduce the company’s mission of creating new audiences for performing arts. Second Theatre’s goal is to distribute performances via VR, and widen the reachability of live performances.

One of the themes of the Performing HEL 2023 project is the digital dimensions in performing arts. It has been reflected, among other things, in the series of future workshops organized within the project.