A New Project (performance’s name TBC)

Essi Rossi & Mihail Durnenkov

This project, a joint production between Klockriketeatern and Espoo City Theatre, started off as a dialogue between director Essi Rossi and playwright Mihail Durnenkov, and a shared desire to create a stage piece exploring potential futures.

How can the future be approached from our current situation? How do history, the present and the future relate to one another? How might the future look from different geographical and socio-demographic perspectives? The visual world of the performance is designed by set designer and visual artist Xenia Peretruhina, whose work has won many awards in her native Russia.


Essi Rossi​ (b. 1982) is one of the most gifted and versatile creators in the new generation of Finnish artists. In recent years her works have been performed everywhere from provincial theatres to Kiasma, the Finnish National Theatre, and a range of venues abroad (including Edinburgh Fringe in 2019). Rossi’s work is characterised by precise rhythms and sound design, a cinematic approach, and varied use of stage systems.

Mihail Durnenkov​ (b. 1978) is one of the best known Russian playwrights of the current generation. His plays have been translated into numerous languages and performed at theatres around Europe, including in Finland.



  • Direction: Essi Rossi
  • Script: Mihail Durnenkov
  • Scenography: Xenia Peretruhina
  • Everything else: N.N
  • Production: Klockriketeatern & Espoon City Theatre
  • Premiere year: 2022
  • Duration: approx. 1h 40min
  • Audience: Adults
  • Stage dimensions: 12m x 12m x 6m

Contact Essi Rossi & Mihail Durnenkov

Head of productions Eeva Bergroth (Klockriketeatern)


+358 40 487 3620