Sinna Virtanen

Asphodel Meadows

Asphodel Meadows is a piece about the fragile seagrass meadows of the Baltic Sea and hidden sorrow that has not been grieved. The work was born out of a need to create space for sorrow, it is born out of a need to look at, and perceive, the sea.

The performance is interdisciplinary, rich in sonority, powerfully visual and gently inviting to participation. The performance offers its viewers the requisite space to mourn in peace, simultaneously in private and as a community of people.


Sinna Virtanen is a playwright, dramaturge, director and multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki.
Virtanen completed her Master’s Degree in the Finnish Theatre Academy in 2015,
from the playwright and dramaturgy department. Since then, she has worked in a wide variety of theatre, cinema and contemporary art projects both in Finland and internationally.
In her work different medias dramaturgies and materialities always merge together. As an artist, she is interested in crossing different borderlines thematically, dramaturgically, and materially.
In her work she wants to examine how to expand the perspective on theatre, how to play with it and how to make space for the unknown and compassion.


  • Concept, dramaturgy, text, direction Sinna Virtanen
  • Performers Malou Zilliacus, Geoffrey Erista
  • Costume design Samu-Jussi Koski
  • Sound design Tatu Nenonen
  • Costume planning Tarja Anttila
  • Sewing of hats and costumes Marja Huttunen
  • Preparation of the performers’ hats Tutta Lauren
  • Translation Malou Zilliacus, Roy Boswell
  • Production Pro Artibus
  • Premiere year 2022
  • Duration 90 min
  • Audience Adults, Youth

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Sinna Virtanen