Sonya Lindfors

Camouflage (eng.): The use of any combination of materials, colouration or illumination for concealment, disguise, mimesis, simulation or falsification.

This work constructs a multilayered landscape where things are both revealed and concealed. Under the variegated surface is a speculative (auto) fiction, where the artist reveals their trick. But not everything is how it seems.


Sonya Lindfors is a Helsinki-based choreographer and artistic director. In 2013 she received a MA in choreography from the University of the Arts Helsinki.

She is the founding member and artistic director of UrbanApa, an interdisciplinary and counter hegemonic arts community that offers a platform for new discourses and feminist art practices.

Lindfors’s recent works We Should All Be Dreaming, Soft Variations and COSMIC LATTE centralise questions around Black body politics and decolonial dreaming practices.

Lindfors has received several awards, the most recent being the international ANTI Live Art Prize in 2018.


  • Choreography and Concept: Sonya Lindfors
  • On Stage: Esete Sutinen, Zen Jefferson, Elisa Tuovila, Johanna Karlberg, Riikka Lakea, Lydia Österberg Diakité, Pauliina Sjöberg
  • Costume Design: Sanna Levo
  • Spatial Design: Erno Aaltonen
  • Sound Design: Jussi Matikainen
  • Light Design: Erno Aaltonen
  • Production Assistant: Tuure Kaukua
  • Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Sonya Lindfors, UrbanApa, Cultural Centre Stoa
  • Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, Svenska Kulturfonden, Nordic Culture Point, Oskar Öflunds Stifltelse
  • Premiere year: 2021
  • Duration: 1 h 15 min
  • Audience: Adults
  • Stage dimensions: 12m x 12m

Contact Sonya Lindfors

Choreographer Sonya Lindfors

+358 40 516 4420