Hands some Feet


Colorsphere is a contemporary circus performance for children and families.

It is a show about exploration and transformation, about discovering a whole new world and letting it shape you. The characters of the performance are in constant interaction with objects that come alive through play. The core of the show is based around interactions with two modified tennis ball launching machines that shoot balls at speeds of up to 80 km/h. These ball machines become lively, playful and sometimes stubborn creatures in the world of Colorsphere. We intend to take every child and adult along with us on a spherical and whimsical adventure into discovering color for the first time.


Hands Some Feet is a contemporary circus company from Tampere founded by Liisa and Jeromy Nuuk, graduates of the circus university ÉSAC in Belgium. The company creates and produces high quality circus for both in-and outdoor venues. Their debut piece `Hands Some Feet´ premiered in Finland in 2018 after which it has been seen by over 40 000 audience members worldwide. The company’s work is defined by the artists passion to form a connection with the spectator. At the moment they are preparing three new works: Käpälin, Colorsphere and Bubble Feeling. Colorsphere is created in collaboration with Kerttu and Adam Opus of Company Opus. The show has been in development since 2021 and is the first collaboration between the two companies. Founded in 2021, Company Opus focuses on conceptual works with a high dramaturgical drive. In Colorsphere, the companies wish to bring accessible yet high quality children’s culture to versatile audiences.



  • Concept, Artist, Producer Liisa Nuuk
  • Concept, Artist, Producer, Technical Director Adam Opus
  • Concept, Artist, Producer, Costumes Kerttu Opus
  • Concept, Artist, Producer Jeromy Nuuk
  • Executive producer (CIRKO/LOISTO) Salla Kurronen
  • Production Circus Company Hands Some Feet in co-production with Cirko - Center for New Circus
  • Supporters Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Station Cirkus, Kangasala Arts Centre, Cirko - Center for New Circus
  • Premiere year 2023
  • Duration 50 min
  • Audience Children
  • Stage dimensions 6x7x5

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