Cycle City

Tuukka Jukola & Kira Riikonen

Cycle City is an art experience that unfolds as you cycle, and that is spread around Helsinki. Choreographer Kira Riikonen and performance artist Tuukka Jukola’s multisensory piece invites you to dive into the different levels of the city with new eyes.

The Cycle City world and artistic experience can be accessed with your own smart phone and earphones. The experience locations form a thematic route and taking in the whole route at a relaxed pace should take approximately 2.5 hours. In the Performing HEL programme the route is called The Body, feeling and massaging the city’s body and spine. All cyclists can participate in Cycle City, either on your own bike or on a Helsinki City Bike.

PRODUCTION: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Helsinki Festival, Kira Riikonen & Tuukka Jukola in collaboration with: Helsinki City Museum, Helsinki Cyclists, Teurastamon Yrittäjät ry, Summer Cafe Kumpu, Kumpulan Botanical Garden – LUOMUS

The performance is part of Helsinki Festival programme.


Tuukka Jukola is an actor and performance artist who lives in Helsinki. During the period 2012–2018 he worked as an actor for Joensuu City Theater and Mikkeli Theatre, as well as being involved in various multi-disciplinary performances. Currently, he works as a freelancer on various immersive and multi artistic projects.

Kira Riikonen is a choreographer and performer who has been living in Helsinki since 2018. She has worked in the Finnish dance field for 20 years in various roles. She has an interest in finding ways to embody and experience layers of meanings and a text. Space and immersion in it also play a strong role in her work.


  • Concept and Execution: Kira Riikonen, Tuukka Jukola
  • Dramaturgy and Script: Onerva Hannula, Tuukka Jukola, Kira Riikonen
  • Sound Design: Jani Orbinski
  • Speaking: Tuukka Jukola, Veera Lapinkoski
  • Advisor: Janne Saarakkala, Tuomas Koski
  • English Translation: Veera Lapinkoski
  • Narrator: Tuukka Jukola
  • Link Provider: Rami Saarikorpi & Sami Vuomajoki from 360Finland
  • Supporters: The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, City Bikes of Helsinki
  • Premiere year: 2021
  • Duration: 2h 30min – 3h
  • Audience: Adults, Youth

Contact Tuukka Jukola & Kira Riikonen

Choreographer Kira Riikonen

+358 50 344 4958