Disappearing – a passion

Tari Doris, Meri Ekola & Kid Kokko

Disappearing - a passion is a part of AISTIT / coming to our senses – a one-year programme of exhibitions and performances taking place in five European cities by the Finnish Institutes in the Benelux, France, Germany, and the UK and Ireland.

This is a performance concert.
This is a light concert, a sound concert, a text concert, an organ concert.
This is a passion and a disappearance.

This is also something else.
This is all the time also something else.


Suddenly: so sad. Suddenly: so light.
Suddenly: so possible.

Suddenly: so ordinary.

Let’s go.

© Lada Suomenrinne
© Lada Suomenrinne


Tari Doris (they/them): performance artist, sound designer. I am interested in structural awareness, representations, invisibility, non-binary thinking and existence.

Meri Ekola (she/her): light designer and artist. The borderlands between light and dark, what is between them and existing in them, breaking down recognised forms and reshaping.

Kid Kokko (they/them): performance artist, actor, and writer. I am interested in fragile structures, soft conditions, justice, survival, suggestion, making space, and transcontinua.

The kind of space the piece creates is important to us, as are the kinds of things the piece makes space for.

The performance is part of Helsinki Festival programme.


  • Text, On Stage, Overall Responsibility: Kid Kokko
  • Dramaturgs: E.L. Karhu, Anna-Mari Karvonen
  • Sound Design: Tari Doris
  • Light Design: Meri Ekola
  • Translation: H Ouramo
  • Production: Finnish Institute Benelux: A I S T I T / coming to our senses -contemporary art programme, Helsinki Festival
  • Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, Finnish Institute Benelux: A I S T I T - coming to our senses
  • Premiere year: 2021
  • Stage dimensions: 19,6m x 14m x 5,6m

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