Ghost Town


GHOST TOWN – a piece about the end. The performance combines circus, dance, media art and live foley.

The idea of an end can be difficult to accept, comprehend, or deal with in this modern world of eternal growth. In Ghost Town, the ‘end’ is a concrete, physical object that fills the space. Is it easier to process when its presence is acknowledged?

The total duration of the work is over four hours, and it will premiere at Cirko – Center for New Circus in March 2022.


Agit-Cirk, founded 2005, is a Finnish performing arts company known internationally for their innovative multidisciplinary contemporary circus performances and projects. Over its fifteen-year history, Agit-Cirk has produced more than thirty full-length contemporary circus pieces and launched several international projects. These works and projects include Silence Festival in Kittilä (recipient of the State Art Prize in 2017); JONG, with composer Lotta Wennäkoski, Saivo Kiasma-Theater; Birch Festival in Haggerston, London; and the world's first volumetrically recorded Virtual Reality circus performance – Nuanc3d.


  • Design and Direction: Emma Lister
  • Design and On Stage: Sakari Männistö
  • Choreography and On Stage: Emmi Pennanen
  • Media Design and On Stage: Aku Meriläinen
  • Foley, Sound Design and On Stage: Heikki Kossi
  • Light Design: Jessica Hung Han Yun
  • Costume Design: Alice Williamson
  • Dramaturge: Jarkko Lehmus
  • Production: Agit-Cirk, in cooperation with Makeshift Company
  • Supporters: Cirko - Center of New Circus, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Taike, Kone Foundation, The Saari Residence, Louhitalo
  • Premiere year: 2022
  • Duration: 4 h (Theatre piece length 1 h 30 min)
  • Audience: Adults
  • Stage dimensions: 10 m x 10 m x 6 m
  • Technical rider: Download rider

Contact Agit-Cirk

Circus Artist Sakari Männistö

+358 40 848 7911, +44 75 3504 9056