Fheel Concepts

Equipped with virtual reality headsets, HOLD ON transports its users into the world of aerial disciplines. It is an emotional adventure from backstage to the performance itself, seen through the eyes of an aerial artist.

"I chose silks because I chose the sky. The state of suspension is a place of risk; a place to confront your fears in order to understand that your fears are simply a projection of your mind. Fear is a funny thing, as much as it can block us and keep us from doing what we want, it can be the thing that saves us. It’s a constant search for balance.”

Corinne Linder


Corinne Linder started circus training at the age of seven. She underwent professional training at Le Lido 2011–2014 (France) and gained a degree in production in 2016, and since then these interests have helped her to travel the world, connecting and collaborating with people from a variety of art fields, both as an artist on stage as well as in the role of creative concept writer. Today, her passion lies in creating concepts that merge the language of circus with other art forms. She created the company Fheel Concepts to bring this vision to life.



  • Script, Direction: Corinne Linder
  • Dramaturge: Sanna Vellava
  • Aerial Choreography: Heini Koskinen
  • On Stage: Corinne Linder, Regina Baumann, Natalie Oleinik, Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown, Sanna Vellava, Antoine Terrieux
  • Sound Design: Thomas Couchard
  • VFX and Visual Design: Dimitri Soursaz
  • Camera Movements: Antoine Terrieux
  • Cinematography: Theo Kavadis
  • Production: Charlotte Wion, Corinne Linder | Postproduction: Novelab
  • Supporters: Cirko – Center for New Circus (FI), La Grainerie (FR), Ministaire of Culture (FR) les subsistances (FR)
  • Premiere year: 2018
  • Duration: 15 min
  • Audience: Adults, Youth, Children (8y)
  • Stage dimensions: 7m x 7m
  • Trailer: Watch here
  • Technical rider: Download rider

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Director Corinne Linder


+33 78 357 2988