If I Would Lose My Voice

Kekäläinen & Company

If I Would Lose My Voice is an extraordinary display of humanity’s impact on Earth’s transformation.

If I Would Lose My Voice is a thought-provoking piece about humankind’s irreversible effect on the biosphere. In recent years, it has become commonly accepted that the Earth has shifted into an entirely new era, the Anthropocene, in which human beings have become the driving force influencing the world’s ecosystems, geology and climate. With her new work, Sanna Kekäläinen creates a fictive constellation in which this new era can be envisioned and imagined through artistic work.

© Uupi Tirronen
© Uupi Tirronen


Sanna Kekäläinen is an undisputed pioneer of Finnish contemporary dance. Over her career, she has created more than 70 stage productions that have been performed both nationally and abroad. Her work expands the experience of a dance performance by combining philosophy, gender studies, text and conceptual thinking from a feminist angle with highly original movement language. She places the tension, the difference between the bodily and the abstract, on stage. This difference has been a common theme in her work, exploring other, analogous differences: between public and private, spectacle and intimacy.



  • Direction and Choreography: Sanna Kekäläinen
  • Script and Text: Sanna Kekäläinen
  • On Stage: Andrius Katinas, Sanna Kekäläinen, Janne Marja-aho
  • Sound Design: Jaakko Kulomaa
  • Light Design: Anniina Veijalainen and Lauri Sirén
  • Photos: Uupi Tirronen
  • Production: Kekäläinen & Company
  • Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The City of Helsinki, Kone Foundation, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
  • Premiere year: 2020
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Audience: Adults
  • Stage dimensions: min. 8 m x 10 m
  • Trailer: Watch here
  • Technical rider: Download rider

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