Listening (Orig. KUUNTELEMINEN)

Live Art Society

Kuunteleminen/Listening is a live art solo performance that introduces the audience to sound frequencies and means of communication that are easily disregarded in human interaction.

In the performance, Silva Belghiti communicates through her mother language (sign language) and lets it slide into dance and back. The performance constructs a body-conscious space where viewers can fall into the details of different ways of existing.

© Pirje Mykkänen


Live Art Society is an independent, Helsinki based performing art group founded in 2005. It consists of almost 50 members from several fields of arts: actors, choreographers, dancers, directors, technical designers, scenographers, etc. Long working processes and seeking new forms within performing arts are common interests for all the members. Besides artistic creation, the group arranges studies and rehearsals for its members, and aims to improve the collaboration between independent groups working in contemporary theatre, live art and performance art in Helsinki and in Finland.


  • Direction: Joel Teixeira Neves
  • On Stage: Silva Belghiti
  • Sound Design: Johannes Vartola
  • Set Design: Samuli Laine, (asst.) Kauri Klemelä
  • Costume Design: Ines Kalliala
  • Graphic Design: Samuli Laine, Mika Haaranen, Mikael Neves
  • Subtitles: Mika Haaranen
  • Producer: Veera Lamberg
  • Production: Live Art Society, Kiasma Theatre and TTT-Theatre
  • Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Helander Foundation
  • Premiere year: 2020
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Audience: Adults, Youth
  • Stage dimensions: 10m x 10m x 5m
  • Trailer: Watch here
  • Technical rider: Download rider