Meadow (Orig. Niitty)

Janina Rajakangas

Together, the performers form an instrument. The group transform from power-hoarding male bodies to the elderly, to birds, rhythmic bodies and instruments.

The collaborative body rumbles and sways. Then it rattles and reels, quakes and clinks. Soft, freed from its elasticity, the skin is dragged from movement to movement, droplets of sweat glistening on grey body hairs. One grabs another and strokes, creating a rustling sound, the rhythm of which the third starts to tap on the thigh of the fourth. Until all of them are tapping, stroking and singing, forming one, big, sound-filled body. A Meadow is a choreography, a community, a composition, a choir and a herd.


In its next three works, the Janina Rajakangas Project will be breaking down the structures of patriarchy by seizing on everyday power relations. We explore paternal relationships (Niitty) and the eroticisation of a teenage girl (Venus).
Our previous works are: Dinosaurus 2015, Teini 2017, Kanarialintu 2018 and Over Your Fucking Body 2019. The Project’s pieces have been shown at Zodiak – The Center for New Dance, Moving in November festival, Kiasma Theatre, and The Place Theatre London. At the core of what we do is audience involvement in the piece’s process. In the future, every piece will be performed by performance professionals and non-professionals.


  • Choreography, Direction: Janina Rajakangas
  • On Stage: Tuure Kaukua, Heikki Laitinen, Kauri Sorvari & group of voluntary performers
  • Sound Design: Tuuli Kyttälä
  • Direction of Choir: Heikki Laitinen
  • Light Design: Jenni Pystynen
  • Spatial Design: Jenni Pystynen
  • Costume Design: Piia Rinne
  • Production: Ulrika Vilke
  • Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Janina Rajakangas Project
  • Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland
  • Premiere year: 2021
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Audience: Adults, Youth
  • Stage dimensions: 10m x 10m x 6m

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Producer Ulrika Vilke