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Meanwhile is a world that mirrors today’s culture and makes merry with all the pointless ways in which people can spend their time. It is a mix of riveting and dramatic atmospheres that combine with minimalistic comedy through juggling, object manipulation, and visual theatre.

Two jugglers test the spectator’s understanding and the way in which our values might change simply by doing something we feel is unnecessary.


Founded in 2013, Nuua Company is a Finnish new-generation contemporary circus and visual theater group that redeemed its place in the international field of contemporary circus with its experimental works.

On its ten-year journey, Nuua Company has been selected for a Circus next program, Nuua's award-winning performances have received notable mentions from critics and books about the contemporary circus, and the performances have been touring in 20 countries.

By freely mixing different performing arts, we look for an approach based on artistic versatility.

Nuua renews juggling as object theater, concepts connecting body and object movements, and explores circus techniques as tools of expression. Depending on the viewer's personal experiences, our multilayered performances open up to everyone differently. We are awakening the emotions, imagination, and sensitivity into an empowered state more receptive to new dreamlike experiences.


  • Direction Olli Vuorinen
  • Performers Merri Heikkilä, Onni Toivonen
  • Costumes Jenni Räsänen
  • Lighting design Teo Lanerva
  • Sound design and live-music Konsta Leinonen
  • Scenography Jenni Räsänen, Olli Vuorinen
  • Scenography build Kalle Oja
  • Production Nuua Company
  • Supporters City of Helsinki, Arts education center, Kone foundation, Culture house STOA, Näyttämö, Sirkus Faktori
  • Premiere year 2022
  • Duration 60 min
  • Audience Adults, 10+
  • Stage dimensions 8x9x5.5

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