Piste, piste, piste


‘One day a kid planted three little dots. And they grew into lines…’ Piste, piste, piste is an interdisciplinary performance for children and young audiences, combining contemporary circus, dance and visual arts.

A fascinating journey into the world of shapes and creativity, in which a blank white stage transforms into an imaginative universe with the use of old overhead projectors. Based on the children’s book Três pontinhos (‘Three little dots’) by author Mario Vale, two characters discover three little dots. After planting them, they grow into beautiful lines... The performance was chosen as the ITU 2020 performance.

© Mikko Pirinen
© Mikko Pirinen


Portmanteau is a contemporary circus company from Finland, focused on creating multidisciplinary performances, exploring the dialogue between circus and other art forms. In a constant search for new and poetic aesthetics within the performing arts, Portmanteau is a collaboration between the circus/visual artist Luis Sartori do Vale and the dancer/circus artist Mira Ravald. The company’s first performance, Portmanteau, received the Sirkuksen Lumo Award as an acknowledgement of the work done to promote Finnish circus arts. It has been touring internationally since 2018, warmly received by both audience and critics alike.



  • Concept: Luis Sartori do Vale, Mira Ravald
  • On Stage: Luis Sartori do Vale, Mira Ravald
  • Light Design: Jere Mönkkönen
  • Music & Sound Design: Petteri Rajanti
  • Production: WHS, Portmanteau
  • Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, WHS Teatteri Union (FI), Cirko – Center for New Circus (FI), Cultural Centre Annantalo (FI), Subtopia (SE), ITU 2020 (FI)
  • Premiere year: 2020
  • Duration: 42 min
  • Audience: Children
  • Stage dimensions: 8m x 7m x 5m (minimum)
  • Trailer: Watch here
  • Technical rider: Download rider

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Circus Artist Luis Satori do Vale


+358 44 088 8620