Recover Laboratory

<3 (Smaller than three)

<3 (Smaller than three) is a contemporary circus, visual, and sound art performance. It is a celebration of the joy of absurdity and the mundane, outrageous liberation, and the power of connection. Through unconventional hoop and plastic tube manipulation, three performers bring to life a world of tubes, spirals, and sculpture-like piles that fill the space. <3 symbolizes the deconstruction and re-shaping of a circle, allowing us to vibrate out of a ready-made shape. On stage, the performers are being themselves: relatable, awkward, fun, kitsch, emotional, and strong. The soundscape is created together with the audience through an interactive installation before entering the performance space. Gentle interaction takes down the fourth wall. Beyond the stage performance, <3 is also available as an immersive version that takes the audience on a personal journey that expands out of the black box and takes over a whole building.


Hoop artists Susanna Liinamaa, Maiju Saarimaa, and Miradonna Sirkka want to create a caring space where you can feel free and try the limits of norms. They don't settle for narrow expectations for female hoop artists' bodies or movements.

<3 is a co-production with Recover Laboratory, a pioneer in immersive and interactive performances that draw from human contact. The multi-artistic team is completed with musician Samuli Kivelä, experience designer Inna Huttunen, light and space designer Alina Pajula, visual artist Sofi Häkkinen, costume designer Hanna Herva and puppeteer Anna Nekrasova.


  • circus artist Maiju Saarimaa
  • circus artist Susanna Liinamaa
  • circus artist Miradonna Sirkka
  • musician and sound designer Samuli Kivelä
  • light designer & scenographer Alina Pajula
  • experience designer Inna Huttunen
  • visual artist Sofi Häkkinen
  • Production Recover Laboratory
  • Supporters Circus Next, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation: the Saari Residence, Cirko – Center for New Circus, Sirkus Faktori, Rohki Hya Sirkus, Circo Sapiens
  • Premiere year TBA
  • Duration 45 for the stage version. 1h 30 for the immersive version
  • Audience Adults, Youth, Children
  • Stage dimensions 10x10x5 (TBC)