Split ends


The piece Split Ends offers a strong feminist take on the image of women in modern society.

The themes explored include challenging insecurity, enduring shame, an anarchist approach to making art, releasing aggression, and admitting to ourselves and talking openly about our own weaknesses. In addition to these themes, the piece also takes an in-depth look at pervasive ideas about women in modern society. The stage plays host to two women, two artists and the piece tells their story and thoughts about what it means to be a woman and an artist in today’s world.

© Joshua Frazer
© Joshua Frazer


Sisus is a contemporary circus group founded by five women. These childhood friends found their roots in youth circus activities, and have always combined their distinctive sense of humour with a love for circus.

Over the years, the group has grown significantly from a compact, five-person family, and nowadays this peculiar circus family features new artists, spouses, and the second generation of Sisus kids, all coming along on tour. The group entertain audiences of all ages around Europe, still travelling from show to show in their van.



  • Concept: Inka Pehkonen, Imogen Huzel
  • Outside eye: Angela Wand & Santiago Ruiz Albalate
  • Direction: Angela Wand
  • On Stage: Inka Pehkonen, Imogen Huzel
  • Light Design: Kauri Klemelä
  • Production: Farina Berndt / Sisus
  • Costume Design: Riikka Manni / Wriic’s
  • Sound Design: Timm Weber
  • Production: Farina Berndt, co-production with Composé Festival, Germany
  • Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, Samuel Huber foundation, Cirkus Cirkör, Linnanmäki Circus School
  • Premiere year: 2022
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Audience: Adults, Youth
  • Stage dimensions: 7 m x 8 m x 7 m
  • Trailer: Watch here

Contact Sisus

Producer Farina Berndt


+49 176 8088 6156