Milla Jarko


We tinker with performances for our social media stages all we can. As reality dissolves into an omnipresent social media reality, it becomes hard to separate the truth from the game. What is performing then? Does it ever end? What is a performance? Tiikeri declares to be one.

TIIKERI is a performance piece and exhibition pimped with elements familiar from concerts and social media. The piece ventures into unknown corners of a chosen venue, makes them a vessel for something unforeseen, whilst it spills over into social media, rearranging already existing instead of creating new.
The (some@bility) performance piece i.e., a concerto and a biennianal is one fragment of Jarko’s many-part circusy project called TIIKERI (tiger), which was started in 2018. TIIKERI rehearses, performs, and creates in the flesh as well as on social media. The project continues to actively seek new places and ways of experimenting with performance, whenever and wherever one feels like it.

“The performance reminds me of what it feels like to be in a body and mind that does not yet know how to please. This feeling is the complete opposite of social media”.

“Everything was so honest and frank, that the audience didn't need to feel stupid.”

“This is as close as you can get to Berlin's alternative clubs in Helsinki.”

“The next time I find myself in a dead end, I will return to the emotions and spirit that this performance evoked in me - you can't go wrong!”

“I really felt like I could be however I wanted.”

- audience experiences


Milla Jarko - Accessible weirdness and benign arrogance
Milla is a performer, maker of performances and a circus artist. In their work they fuse together circus and performance arts as well as audio stuff and visuals. Circus shows the direction for Milla’s endeavours. In their longitudinal work with performing arts, they beg the question: what does circus do? what does circus think?

I release myself from any statuses, permanent identifications, or other social shackles. I’m a worker of art, an instrument, but also a martyr through which the work can be manifested. Things that inspire me include well-being, sincerity and being a goof. If I can't do it in a way that feels right in my heart, I won’t do it. I’m in this for damn real, but not seriously! ~Yours truly: Milla and Tiikeri


  • Concept, dramaturgy and script, music and sound design, costume, videos, production and performance Milla Jarko
  • Visual and space design Milla Jarko, Anna Pietilä
  • Light design Milla Jarko and Ainu Palmu
  • Co-wonderer, movement support Anni Koskinen
  • Artistic support Henri Tuulasjärvi, Anni Hurme, Miradonna Sirkka, Kaisa Nieminen
  • Production Milla Jarko and WHS
  • Supporters Arts promotion centre Finland, Kone Foundation, Finnish cultural foundation, Sirkus Faktori, Cirko – Center for new circus
  • Premiere year 2023
  • Duration 180 min (including exhibition)
  • Audience Adults, Youth
  • Stage dimensions 9x9x6

Contact Milla Jarko

Milla Jarko

+358 45 699 1600