Viirus & Hav-Anna Company

Whizz, Whirr, Bang, Clang!

Whizz, Whirr, Bang, Clang is an immersive and auditive performance for young audiences.
The starting point for our work lays on Sylvia Plath's stories for children. That is where the ideas for the show's thought experiments arise from. We ask what is really possible and where imagination can take us to. Children are invited to take part in the performance by being present as the thoughts are encouraged to be shared and we create sounds such as snoring and sounds of kitchen appliances.

Whizz Whirr Bang Clang / Photo by Cata Portin



  • Idea and concept Meri Anna Hulkkonen
  • Dramaturgy Working group based on Sylvia Plath's texts
  • Direction Thomas Kasebacher, Meri Anna Hulkkonen
  • Performers Christoffer Mellgren (Swedish) / Meri Anna Hulkkonen (Finnish and Swedish) / Thomas Kasebacher (German and English)
  • Spatial design and objects Fabian Nyberg
  • Sound design Hanna Rajakangas
  • Premiere year 2023
  • Duration 50 min
  • Audience Children
  • Stage dimensions 6x6

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