The Performing HEL showcase is mainly intended for Finnish and international theatre, festival, and cultural sector programmers but there’s also a program open to everyone:

On Thursday (Sep 2) the showcase will be opened by a seminar, which will delve deeper into the co-operation between Finnish and Russian performing arts professionals. Scroll down for more information.

On Saturday (Sep 4): Party like it’s Performing HEL! We’ll tell you where and when a bit later – save the date because you’re invited!

We follow current covid restrictions and guidelines, which means that changes in the program are possible.


How Finnish and Russian performing arts professionals collaborate despite changing winds?

Where: G18, Helsinki and on YouTube
When: September 2 at 3pm-5pm (EEST)

Official opening of Performing HEL 2021

With closed borders, disconnection and difficulties to communicate, it is performing arts that have the capacity to find common ground. Together with performing arts professionals the seminar participants will discuss perspectives on, possibilities and case examples of collaboration with Russia: from governmental cultural institutions to freelancers. The panel will also address the economical challenges and censorship in performing arts and more generally in relation to current political realities.

Finland and Russia have successfully maintained long-term cooperation projects for years. Grass-roots connections between cultural initiatives and organisations have been especially important since the relationships between Russia, EU and US are suffering from political ups and downs. Cultural contacts between Finland and Russia have remained lively during recent years and the most profound result of the cooperation are functioning networks in all areas of performing arts. Dance Info Finland and Theatre Info Finland TINFO are building networks and facilitating direct exchanges between Finnish and Russian dance and theater professionals. Circus connections are being developed by CircusInfo Finland. The seminar is organised in collaboration with Klockriketeatern.

MODERATOR | Nika Parkhomovskaia is a theatre critic & researcher, producer & curator. In total produced more than 10 performances, organized international festivals and creative, e.g. site specific and social dance labs. Nowadays Nika conducts social choreography seminars for professional/non-professionals, people with special needs, teenagers and their parents. Is a Jury member and expert of the Russian and International festivals and competitions. She is current contributor and editor of the “Theatre” magazine, “Vedomosti” newspaper, “Petersburg Theatre Magazine”, Forbes Magazine and the biggest Russian social media “Takie Dela”. Nika reads lectures on social theatre & dance, theatre history & marketing, circus and art theory in Moscow, Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Almaty, Ivanovo, Arkhangelsk, Tobolsk, Helsinki, Cordoba etc. She gave reports at the theatre science conferences in Warsaw, Prague, Tbilisi.


Kati Kallio is Finnish dance artist, filmmaker, curator, dance film educator. She is one of the pioneers of dance films in Finland and was an artistic director of Loikka Dance Film Festival (2015-2018). She became the leading dance film expert in Finland and travels the globe to present her work, curate dance film programs and teach this specific genre. Kati has a MA degree in Dance from UniArts Helsinki  – Theatre Academy. Her artistic works have been focused on dance films since 2008. Since then, she has completed 15 short dance films which have been screened and broadcast widely around the globe. Since 2010, together with dance artist Elli Isokoski from the dance group Myskyryhmä, Kallio has created a special method for inclusive participatory filmmaking. Where she created five short films in collaboration with senior citizens.

Jari Juutinen is Finnish playwright-director is one of the most internationally active Finnish theatre artists.
In the 1990s, he founded the Finnish ensemble theatre Teatteri Vanha Juko where he staged his works amongst other important Finnish contemporary plays. Besides in Finland, Juutinen has directed in Russia, Luxembourg and Georgia. His works have toured internationally in Georgia, Russia, USA, Cuba, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Slovenia, Armenia and Great Britain. Juutinen is the founder of internationally operating Helsinki-based theatre company sadsongskomplex:fi (Est. 2015).

Oksana Efremenko is Russian Theater critic, producer, candidate of cultural studies. Art Director of the International Festival of Actual Theater “Chaos”, creative producer of the Novosibirsk State Drama Theater “Stary Dom”. Efremenko teaches “History of Foreign Theater” and “Theater in Contemporary Culture” at the Novosibirsk Theater Institute. She is a member of the expert councils of the Russian National Prize and the Golden Mask festival (2017, 2019).

Vadim Kasparov (the director of the Kannon Dance House and OPEN LOOK St.Petersburg International Dance Festival, producer). In 1997, together with his wife, choreographer Natalia Kasparova, Kasparov founded Kannon Dance House in St. Petersburg, and in 1999 OPEN LOOK International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Kannon Dance Company. More than 600 foreign teachers and more than 300 dance companies have been represented in St. Petersburg during the period of activity of the Kannon Dance House. Besides OPEN LOOK Kasparov has produced the International Festival of Contemporary Dance for Children DANCE 4 KIDS (since 2011), Festival DANS NEDERLANDS, Look @ Dance Finland, Look @ Dance Israel and other international festivals. Kannon Dance Company, which has performed at international festivals in Finland, Estonia, Armenia, Sweden, Italy, USA, Germany, Poland. Their projects were nominated for the Golden Mask National Award.