Dear presenters! 

Registration for the onsite and online participants of the 2023’s Performing HEL showcase starts on March 15th. Who are the artists and companies in the upcoming edition of the Performing HEL showcase? Sign up for the online program launch to learn more and hear talks and discussions on the topic of the digital future of performing arts:

Program launch of Performing HEL 2023 on March 15th

March 15th, 2023 | from 1.30 PM (EET) – 3.30 PM (EET)

Schedule and speakers:

13.30 (1:30 EET)
The event starts with the launch of the artistic program of Performing HEL 2023. Jury members will share their thoughts on the selections made and the process. Hosted by Anni Leino (Executive Producer, Circus & Dance Info Finland). 

14.00 (EET)
Three expert talks and discussions on the topic of the digital future of performing arts.  

Ditte Feuk, Head of Theatre, Dance and Opera at SVT Drama (Sveriges Television AB). Feuk shares her point of view on the topic as a programmer and  commissioner working in performing arts on TV. What does the future of performing arts on television look like?

Iiris Autio, Managing Director, Tero Saarinen Company. Tero Saarinen Company’s creations has being featured world wide e.g. on Mezzo TV. Iiris Autio will share company’s experiences on translating a live performance into a screen.

Julia Heikkinen, Project Manager, Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK). As a part of the European cultural capital year of 2026 in Oulu, OAMK’s digital development project, The Centre for Arts Innovation, will be established in Oulu, Finland. The aim of the new innovation centre is to provide arts and cultural organizations with new possibilities for undertaking long-term, innovative, cross-sectoral testing of new technologies in order to transform practice and advance new forms of digital audience engagement.

15.30 (EET)
Riitta Aittokallio (Project Manager, Circus & Dance Info Finland), Thomas Freundlich (CEO, Lumikinos Production) and Valtteri Raekallio (Choreographer, Raekallio Corp.) During 2022-23 group of Finnish performing art professionals have been working on pairs around digitalization in a series of future workshops led by Thomas Freundlich and Valtteri Raekallio. What are the next steps?

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