Performing HEL offers four workshops for circus, dance and theatre artists and other professionals. The aim of the workshops is to support artists and companies to develop their international activities. The workshops will be held in Finnish and/or English. 

Three of the workshops held in 2020 are open for anyone working in performing arts in Finland who wishes to learn more about touring, marketing and setting goals for international work. 

The fourth workshop in 2021, after the showcase is for the artists and companies who were part of Performing HEL 2021’s program. The workshop concentrates on follow up, and all the work that should be done after the showcase. 

This page will be updated for more detailed information so stay tuned! We also highly recommend you to follow the communication channels of Dance Info Finland, Circusinfo Finland and Theatre Info Finland.  

Zoom webinar – open for everyone

Are you a dance, theatre or circus professional and interested in internationalizing your career, but don’t know how or where to start? This online event is for you!

What all can working internationally in performing arts be, what does it take and how can the information centres help you? Tune in for plenty of information and a joint discussion on fairs and showcases, residencies, training, communication and sales, networking and co-productions, and more. We encourage you to ask questions and join the conversation. At the end you’ll hear info about the upcoming Performing HEL showcase, that takes place on 2-5 of September in Helsinki.

On Tuesday 3rd of November 2020 at 10.00-12.30 (Performing HEL info 12.00-12.30)

The training is held in Finnish. The event will be recorded.


Hyde Hytti, International Affairs, Theatre Info Finland TINFO

Katarina Lindholm, Manager of International Affairs, Dance Info Finland

Lotta Nevalainen, Head of International Development, CircusInfo Finland

Present is also the executive producer of Performing HEL, Anni Leino from Dance Info Finland.

Sign up before Sunday 1st of Nov 2020 by email: Tell us also if there is something in particular that you would like to hear about regarding international work. The link to the event will be sent to all registered participants in the afternoon of 2.11. 

Zoom webinar – open for everyone

On Wednesday 17th of February 2021 at 9.30-13.00.

The training is held in Finnish. The event will be recorded.

Jere Mönkkönen, Technical Producer / Cirko – Center for New Circus
Panu Sirkiä, Entrepreneur / Matalahiiliteatteri-hanke

Present is also the executive producer of Performing HEL, Anni Leino from Dance Info Finland.


9.30 touring with a performance: technical production and dossier (Jere Mönkkönen)

11.00 Towards more sustainable touring: Green rider (Jere Mönkkönen)

12.00 Project presentation: Matalahiiliteatteri (Panu Sirkiä)

The link to the zoom event will be sent to all registered participants on Tuesday 16th of February.

More information on Facebook (in Finnish)

Two Zoom-workshops about communication on the first week of May:

TUE 4.5. from 9 to 12am: How to stay in touch with your audience? Workshop about communication by Noora Jokinen and Anu Dufva from Noon Kollektiivi. Language: Finnish.

THU 6.5. from 10 to 12am: The Perfect Pitch – workshop by Nick Vertigans. Language: English.

Read more about the workshop from the Facebook event.


This workshop is only for the Performing HEL 2021 artists and companies.