Setting up a meeting with the person you are keen to meet has never been easier for registered Performing HEL participants.

After registering for the event, log in to the b2match platform, scroll through the participant list and request an onsite or online meeting. A platform is really a tool for you and there to be used for setting both pre- and post-event meetings as well as meetings during the showcase dates on Aug 3 – Sep 3, 2023.

During the event days, we suggest that you book the meetings in between the shows, pitches and demos – maybe a lunch meeting next to the venues, coffee after the performance or a remote chat over a glass of wine? Check the full schedule, venues and shows from the b2match platform.

After registration, logging in to the platform is possible through the same link. Just click the “log in” button on the upper right corner of the grey panel.

If you have any questions on the b2match platform, please don’t hesitate to contact Anni Leino: