Milla Koistinen


“Breathe”, solo performance by Milla Koistinen in a football pitch.

A lone figure in a vast, empty field, the performer reconstructs images of communal celebrations and ecstatic experiences, evoking the memory and sensation of the crowd. “Breathe” collapses the distance between dispersed bodies and opens up a space for shared emotion. How can witnessing something from afar gradually become something we are closely part of?



Milla Koistinen is a Finnish choreographer based in Berlin and in Helsinki. She has graduated from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki with MA in dance and from HZT Berlin with MA in choreography. She has worked among others with Kristian Smeds, Hiroaki Umeda, Peter Verhelst, Christine Gaigg and Cie Heddy Maalem. Since 2008 she tours her own work internationally and teaches in various contexts. In 2020-2024 Koistinen’s work is supported by apap – FEMINIST FUTURES – a project co-founded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.


  • Concept, choreography and performance Milla Koistinen
  • Music Paul Valikoski and Grégoire Simon
  • Space and light Sandra E. Blatterer
  • Dramaturgy Synne Behrndt
  • Artistic collaboration Fanny Didelot
  • Artistic advisor Sergiu Matis
  • Costume Lee Méir
  • Production Jana Lüthje, Birke Van Maartens
  • Premiere year 2021
  • Duration 60 min
  • Audience Adults, Youth, Children

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Milla Koistinen