Sonya Lindfors

something like this

something like this is a performance that looks at the possibilities of the stage and hip-hop culture to serve as a platform for telling diverse stories, taking over space, empowerment and communality. In this work aimed at young people, four street dance background performers meet on stage. A rich whole is built from a simple starting point, where the scenes are constructed in front of the viewers' eyes. Performers from diverse backgrounds dance, tell stories and have fun - together. There is room for many kinds of stories on this stage.

something like this turns the stage into a dance floor where many different stories, identities and ways of doing things can meet. Together with the viewers, the work asks: How should a performance be viewed or experienced, how does dance or movement move from one body to another, what kinds of things can be told through dance or movement? What is a communal dramaturgy like?


  • Concept and Direction Sonya Lindfors
  • Choreography Sonya Lindfors & working group
  • Sound Design Sebastian KurtĂ©n
  • Lighting Design Erno Aaltonen
  • Performer Sophia Wekesa, Akim Bakhtaoui, Ramona Panula and Linda Ilves
  • Production Zodiak - Center for New Dance
  • Premiere year 2023
  • Duration 40
  • Audience Adults, 14+