Mikko Niemistö


Wakey-wakey is a psychedelic musical that promotes transitions from one layer of the subconscious to another. The stage piece relies on songs and texts echoing times of change, trance, love and death.

Wakey-wakey is like a revivalist movement that invites to wander into the shadowy realms of the mind.


Mikko Niemistö is a choreographer, performing artist and curator who works in Helsinki and abroad. He has created both solo performances and multidisciplinary works where different forms of art engage in dialogue. He has graduated as a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from the New Performative Practices MA program from the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm in 2017.

In his works, Niemistö explores the relationship between the human body and its environment and probes the human body's conscious and unconscious physical connections to the structures of the society. He is especially interested in silent physical knowledge, the background noises of the body and accumulations of bodily memories. He currently focuses on the blind spots and shadow zones of everyday reality, like dreaming, protesting and the digital world.



  • Artistic concept, texts Mikko Niemistö
  • Choreography and songs Mikko Niemistö together with Karolina Ginman
  • Performers Karolina Ginman, Justus Kantakoski, Mikko Niemistö & Johannes Vartola
  • Lighting design Teo Lanerva
  • Costume and knitwear design Justus Kantakoski
  • Pattern and knitwear design Emilia Kuurila
  • Sound design Johannes Vartola
  • Spatial design Elina Lifländer
  • Production Mikko Niemistö and Kiasma -theatre
  • Supporters The Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Center Finland
  • Premiere year 2022
  • Duration 70 min
  • Audience Adults, Youth
  • Stage dimensions 10x14x3,5

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Mikko Niemistö