Mikko Niemistö


Wakey-wakey is a psychedelic musical that promotes transitions from one layer of the subconscious to another. The stage piece relies on songs and texts echoing times of change, trance, love and death.

Wakey-wakey is like a revivalist movement that invites to wander into the shadowy realms of the mind.



  • Artistic concept, texts Mikko Niemistö
  • Choreography and songs Mikko Niemistö together with Karolina Ginman
  • Performers Karolina Ginman, Justus Kantakoski, Mikko Niemistö & Johannes Vartola
  • Lighting design Teo Lanerva
  • Costume and knitwear design Justus Kantakoski
  • Pattern and knitwear design Emilia Kuurila
  • Sound design Johannes Vartola
  • Spatial design Elina Lifländer
  • Production Mikko Niemistö and Kiasma -theatre
  • Premiere year 2022
  • Duration 70 min
  • Audience Adults, Youth
  • Stage dimensions 10x14x3,5

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Mikko Niemistö